Personal Injury

Personal Injury

“Figuring our how much your accident injuries are worth is a critical aspect of any accident claim.  And, it is part of a claim about which it is most difficult to generalize; the amount depends on your very particular circumstances.”With that understanding, we provide tailored, targeted and hard-hitting effort in and out of court to best achieve our clients’ objectives. Southern Nevada, and the greater Clark County area specifically, is one of the fastest growing areas in the entire United States. Explosive growth requires attorneys who are knowledgeable and acutely aware of current trends.Jimmerson Law Firm, P.C. has played a significant role in Nevada’s real estate industry for more that 20 years and enjoys a reputation as one of Nevada’s premier firms handling real estate issues. We represent developers, construction companies, landlords, home owners associations as well as individual property owners.Our Lawyers are more than skilled technicians. We understand our clients’ business objectives and we help them achieve those objectives in an efficient, cost effective manner. Our approach is business-like and deal oriented. We focus on what is important and keep that focus until the transaction closes. We are dealmakers; not deal breakers.

We advise our clients on all aspects of their transactions. This includes determining the appropriate ownership vehicle in light of tax and liability issues, negotiating the necessary documentation, performing the required due diligence and closing the deal.

We are experienced in office buildings; industrial parks; community, power and regional shopping centers; residential development, including single family, condominium and apartment projects; mobile home parks; warehouse clubs development; country club and resort projects and mixed use developments.

When appropriate, we call prosecuted or defend contract, partnership, construction defect, land use, environmental and landlord-tenant litigation. We also work closely with our income and estate tax planners to achieve the optimal tax treatment for our clients
The firm’s intellectual Property Group has special expertise in handling the complex problems involved in the registration, exploitation and enforcement of the to intellectual property, including, trademarks, copyrights, rights of publicity, patents ant trade secrets.

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