Jimmerson Law Firm, P.C. has one of the pre-eminent entertainment law practices in the state of Nevada.

General Representation
The firm’s entertainment lawyers serve as general counsel for a diverse group of artist, entertainers and entertainment-related business. Our lawyers understand the needs of entertainment clients and familiarize themselves with each client’s goals and objectives. This enables the entertainment attorneys to advise clients on all business and legal matters, including negotiation and documentation of a wide variety of contractual relationships involving individual talent, studios, networks, internet and production companies, banks, financiers, bond companies and all forms of distributors. Our entertainment lawyers also advise clients regarding the use and formation of corporations, joint ventures, limited and general partnership, limited liability entities, “loanout” companies, and other business formats, and assist our clients in complying with relevant collective bargaining agreements and state and federal laws and regulations.

Talent Agreements
Our entertainment attorneys are well known for negotiating and documenting creative talent agreements for services procured in theatrical feature films, television series, television movies and mini-series, internet and interactive multimedia productions, commercials, endorsements, publishing and stage plays.

Project Financing and Distribution
The lawyers in our Entertainment Group negotiate arrangements and prepare contracts for the financing, development and production of motion pictures, television programs, books plays and other creative outlets. Such arrangements can have a number of legal components, including distribution licenses, bank loan agreements, completion bonds and equity investments, which often involve obtaining and perfecting (and, if necessary, foreclosing upon) security interests I various forms of intellectual property.

Celebrity Proprietary Rights
The rights to the name, voice, likeness and other characteristics of a celebrity are of unusual and special importance. The firms entertainment attorneys advised clients on the protection of personal, publicly, trademark and other proprietary rights and with the licensing of such rights when used for products and services.

Rights Acquisitions
Our entertainment attorneys represent producers, directors and production companies in the negotiation and documentation of agreements to obtain critically important literary rights, which are the basis of entertainment productions Likewise, our entertainment lawyers represent authors and other owners of such rights in sale and licensing transactions, having on many occasions implemented precedent-setting deals.

Production Legal Work
We often perform the “production legal work” for production companies working on movies, television programs, music videos, and other entertainment productions. Such work includes creating solid chain of title agreements for all underlying property fundamental to production and the negotiation and preparation of agreements for securing rights to locations, property, crew cast.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Our entertainment lawyers assist clients in the resolution of disputes involving individuals, partnerships, production companies’, distributors, guilds and/or governmental agencies. If litigation is necessary, our litigators have extensive experience with entertainment industry cases having handled numerous high profile cases, some of which established important legal precedents in the entertainment industry.

The firm is familiar with and often assists parties in resolving disputes though various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) instead of traditional litigation. The ADR covers a wide variety of formal and informal disputes resolution techniques. Use of an appropriate ADR technique can yield many benefits. In addition to containing litigation costs and expediting resolution, ADR presents and opportunity to resolve disputes in a manner, which protects the participants’ privacy and can, maintain ongoing business and personal relationships. Both as advocates and arbitrators our mediators, the firms lawyer have use ADR techniques to resolve a variety of complex disputes, including business, commercial, entertainment, real estate, labor, trust and estates and family law controversies. In fact, our senior partner, James J Jimmerson, Esq. , is a certified mediator and arbitrator for two of the most recognized arbitral forums, the American Arbitration Association(AAA) and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers(AAML).

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